Intense Residential Program

COVID-19 Emergency
Response Fund

Governor Bill Lee declares
“Second Chance” month

A community based component further equips participants with the necessary essentials to transcend back into society. Participants are reconnected with family, which is imperative in the process by establishing a firm foundation of support. This community based phase includes a place to live, basic necessities, education, job training, computer usage, resume building, access to agencies (Social Security Administration, Department of Safety, Probation & Parole Office, healthcare providers and other assistance necessary), support, and personal responsibilities – a safe haven to transition and prepare for reentry into society.


Successful reentry begins prior to release at the institution of incarceration; equipping each participant with the necessary tools enabling them to successfully adjust and function as productive, law abiding citizens within society.

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Resources remain accessible to all participants as needed to assist along the journey to living as law abiding, productive citizens.

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