Pre-Release Program

COVID-19 Emergency
Response Fund

Governor Bill Lee declares
“Second Chance” month

Successful reentry begins prior to release at the institution of incarceration; equipping each participant with the necessary tools enabling them to successfully adjust and function as productive, law abiding citizens within society. Mentors assist inmates in learning effective methods for transition from prison to the community. This program includes: handling the views of society and family because of various past indiscretions; the reality of gainful employment and what opportunities may or may not exist; approaches to effectively deal with rejection; obtaining necessary identification such as driver’s license, birth certificate, social security card, etc.; and basic interpersonal skills responsibility, decision making, denial, communication and more.


Resources remain accessible to all participants as needed to assist along the journey to living as law abiding, productive citizens.

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A community-based component further equips participants with the necessary essentials to transcend back into society.

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