Women’s Re-Entry Home

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Governor Bill Lee declares
“Second Chance” month

New Beginnings Alliance is proud to announce that we have opened a women’s re-entry home in the City of Lafayette in Macon County, Tennessee. This home will serve as the residence for eight women who will join us from incarceration and into a serene environment of healing and transformation. It’s a two-story home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms and is located on 3 acres of trees and privacy. This home will also serve as the venue for our 12-month program of learning, working, and growth. Our program includes continuing education, NA, AA, or other counseling activities as needed. We’ll also encourage reunification with family members as a promotion of further growth and stability.

A panoramic view of a wooden cabin porch with woods in the backdrop.
A panoramic view of a wooden cabin porch surrounded by woods.
A full shot of a wooded cottage in the middle of the woods.
A full shot of an empty cabin interior.