Why It Began

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Governor Bill Lee declares
“Second Chance” month

New Beginnings Alliance came to life through discussions among individuals desiring to move Tennessee’s criminal justice system from its current fractured approach of retribution to a restorative justice model. The team is comprised of members from varied backgrounds devoted to promoting public safety awareness through faith-based initiatives, advocacy, education, legislation and litigation. The ultimate goal is a justice system which requires accountability while fostering community support for all to greatly reduce crime and recidivism.

Prevention of criminal activity and incarceration is the ideal solution. This organization seeks to enhance crime deterrence through community partnerships and education. Additionally, the group strives to be the resounding voice for those who otherwise may not be heard by educating law makers and other stakeholders in advocating for best practices backed by empirical research. Team members include respected spiritual leaders, hardworking grassroots activists, successful business executives, connected advocates and brilliant legal professionals ready to drive positive change.